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Our primary mission is to maintain genetically characterized strains, cloning vectors, and bacteriophage for the genus Bacillus and related organisms and to distribute these materials without prejudice to qualified scientists and educators throughout the world. Since 1978, the National Science Foundation has funded the activities of the BGSC. The Department of Microbiology in the College of Arts and Sciences at The Ohio State University provides facilities and administrative support. The Director of the BGSC is Dr. Daniel R. Zeigler.

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Prophage-cured Bacillus subtilis strain Δ6

We are pleased to announce the availability of prophage-cured Bacillus subtilis strain Δ6 (BGSC 1A1299). This derivative of strain 168 was deleted of six prophage-like regions in the 168 chromosome, including SPβ, the defective phage PBSX, the skin element, and the prophage 1 and prophage 3 regions, together with the large polyketide synthesis operon (pks). Interestingly, mobile element ICEBs1 was later discovered to have been spontaneously cured (Reuss 2016). As a result of these deletions, the genome size of strain Δ6 has been reduced 8.1% relative to the 168 parent. This strain has demonstrated usefulness as a production platform (Commichau 2014, Juhas 2014, Van Dijl 2013) and

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