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About The Bacillus Genetic Stock Center

Welcome to the Bacillus Genetic Stock Center (BGSC) web site. Our primary mission is to maintain genetically characterized strains, cloning vectors, and bacteriophage for the genus Bacillus and related organisms and to distribute these materials without prejudice to qualified scientists and educators throughout the world. Since 1978, the National Science Foundation has funded the activities of the BGSC. The Department of Microbiology in the College of Arts and Sciences at The Ohio State University provides facilities and administrative support. The manager of the BGSC is Jeff Jahnes. For profit users may pay a $179 per culture fee or may subscribe to a yearly service plan for $2850. Academic and non-profit users are asked to make a payment of $55 per culture or may subscribe to a yearly service plan for $285. No academic scientist will be turned away, even if he or she lacks funds. In addition, plasmid and genomic DNA preparations from our strains are available at a reasonable price.