New Bacillus SANDBOX Plasmids

The BGSC is pleased to announce the availability of five new integration vectors, pBSAND1, pBSAND2, pBSANDdel, pBSANDlux, and pBSGGlux. These plasmids are available under the accession numbers ECE801-ECE805.

The plasmid designated pBSAND1 (ECE801) can be linearized using ScaI to allow for integration in B. subtilis at thrC. The plasmid designated pBSAND2 (ECE802) can be linearized using NgoMIV to allow for integration in B. subtilis at lacA. The plasmid pBSANDdel (ECE803) cuts upstream of the gene rsoI and allows for removal of the entire sigO-rsoA operon in B. subtilis W168. When utilised with plasmids pBSAND1-PliaI and pBSAND2-PxylA, pBSANDlux (ECE804) allows for bacitracin and xylose inducible luciferase output. The plasmid pBSGGlux (ECE805) can be linearized using ScaI for integration in B. subtilis at the sacA locus.

Thank you to Susanne Gebhard at University of Bath for generously donating these plasmids to our collection.

New Markerless Transposons for Fluorescent Fusion

The BGSC is pleased to announce the availability of the new TnFLX transposon system in Bacillus subtilis. The plasmids, which are available in the catalog as ECE797-ECE800, can be used to generate internal markerless fusions to fluorescent protein reporters. These plasmids can be used to produce protein fusions in Bacillus subtilis that introduce fluorescence and preserve functionality. This is a useful tool for investigating protein localization in vivo.

Thank you very much to the Daniel Kearns lab at Indiana University for donating these materials to our collection.

New pXFP_Star suite addition

The BGSC is pleased to announce the availability of four new integration vectors, pXFP_bglStar, to generate low noise fluorescent promoter fusions to insert into the bglS locus in Bacillus subtilis. They are available in the catalog under the BGSC IDs ECE793-ECE796.

These will add on to the pXFP_Star vector suite (ECE295-ECE297) which buffer against spurious transcription by having a terminator.

Thank you to Dr. Ilka Bischofs-Pfeifer of the Max Planck Institute for Terrestrial Biology for donating these vectors.

New Strains Added Since 2021

Thanks to the generosity of many researchers in the field of Bacillus research, we have accepted donations for several new strains over the past year. We are happy to announce that those strains have now be added to our online catalog and are available for order. Please be on the lookout for more announcements as we introduce these new strains.

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