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BGSCID Taxonomy Description Gene Descriptor Original Code
20A1 Parageobacillus thermantarcticus Wild type isolate
Shipping Conditions: Filter disks within foil packet
Growth Conditions: TBAB, LB, TSA, or mLB medium
Temperature: 55


Manca MC, Lama L, Improta R, Esposito E, Gambacorta A, Nicolaus B. Chemical Composition of Two Exopolysaccharides from Bacillus thermoantarcticus. Appl Environ Microbiol. 1996 Sep;62(9):3265-9. PMID: 16535400; PMCID: PMC1388938.

Coorevits A, Dinsdale AE, Halket G, Lebbe L, De Vos P, Van Landschoot A, Logan NA. Taxonomic revision of the genus Geobacillus: emendation of Geobacillus, G. stearothermophilus, G. jurassicus, G. toebii, G. thermodenitrificans and G. thermoglucosidans (nom. corrig., formerly 'thermoglucosidasius'); transfer of Bacillus thermantarcticus to the genus as G. thermantarcticus comb. nov.; proposal of Caldibacillus debilis gen. nov., comb. nov.; transfer of G. tepidamans to Anoxybacillus as A. tepidamans comb. nov

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