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Our primary mission is to maintain genetically characterized strains and cloning vectors for the genus Bacillus and related organisms and to distribute these materials without prejudice to qualified scientists and educators throughout the world. The National Science Foundation funded the activities of the BGSC (Award Number:1756219) starting in 1978 and BGSC is no longer funded by NFS. The Infectious Disease Institute at The Ohio State University provides facilities and administrative support.

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6S-1 and 6S-2 B. subtilis RNA Deletion Strains

The BGSC is pleased to introduce a series of 6S-1 and 6S-2 RNA deletion strains to our collection. The strains have been constructed using the undomesticated B. subtilis strain NCIB 3610.

These strains are suitable for the study of global transcriptomic or proteomic changes upon 6S RNA deletion and for complementation analyses using heterologous or mutant 6S RNA genes. They can be found under the accession numbers 3A45-3A51.

They are now available for purchase from our collection due to the generosity of Roland Hartmann at Philipps-Universitat Marburg.

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